clean water,
green energy

We guide our clients to a sustainable future by developing, designing and implementing innovative water and energy solutions.

Nuoro sets out the pathway

towards a sustainable future!

We specialize in advanced wastewater treatment, water reuse technologies and bio-energy. We focus on providing the highest quality solutions and applying innovative best practices while being committed to our clients and their impact on the environment.

Our mission is to help build a sustainable future, where we live and work in balance with our environment. We only have one planet and everyone must take responsibility to preserve it. Water is our most precious resource and is essential for all life on earth. There is a finite supply, and we should make every drop count. Furthermore, the energy that we consume must be produced in a clean manner, from renewable sources, and should be used in the most efficient way.

& compliance

We can help you comply with the latest effluent discharge limits.

Water treatment
& reuse

We can help you close the cycle and minimize your water footprint by implementing the best available water treatment and reuse technologies.

& green energy

We can help you convert your organic waste streams into clean biomethane. Go for zero emissions and reduce your climate impact.

about us

Nuoro was founded by six partners with a combined 75 years of experience in the water and bio-energy sectors. We share a common passion to achieve the Nuoro mission: a sustainable future with clean water and green energy. Our expertise, dedication and complementary team members allow us to provide a unique service to our clients.


Digital ambitions made possible by Microsoft and Autodesk

Nuoro is accelerating its digital ambitions by becoming part of the Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub and Autodesk Technology Impact Program. We are proud to be selected by Microsoft and Autodesk for their programs due to our innovative and sustainable approach on water and energy solutions.

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From concept to operations, we can assist in each phase of your project. Through independent expertise and a systematic approach we deliver smart, innovative and future-proof solutions.