Mobile Water Factory: a compact and versatile solution

Nuoro designed and constructed a versatile, fully containerized water treatment plant. The complete design and construction took less than 6 months to complete. The plant consists of four 40ft containers and three roof-mounted container tanks of 23m³ each. It houses an ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis process train to produce 55 m³/h of crystal clear process water.

Keiberg Vossem – Rainwater recovery project

Keiberg Vossem is a project that aligns perfectly with Nuoro’s vision of building innovative and progressive solutions for present and future challenges.

Industrial water reuse plant is operational

In just 8 months Nuoro has designed and built a water reuse plant with an ultrafiltration skid and a reverse osmosis skid with a capacity of 50 m3/hour.

Nuoro builds new industrial water reuse plant

A new water treatment system consisting of an ultrafiltration (UF) and a reverse osmosis (RO) system will be designed and built in 2023.