Industrial water reuse plant is operational.


In just 8 months Nuoro has designed and built a water reuse plant with a capacity of 50 m3/hour for the food-and-beverage industry. Skid mounted ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis skids are at the heart of this project. Not an easy feat considering the plant was built inside an existing building of which our team needed to create an entire 3D picture before being able to start engineering. 

Nuoro has designed and built this new water reuse plant on behalf of Azulatis. The installation will upgrade the treated wastewater by membrane technology (ultrafiltration, UV and reverse osmosis) allowing the purified water to be reused locally.


The water reuse plant can produce up to 50m³ per hour of process water. As a result, the client will drastically reduce its water consumption. A sustainable and economical choice that will safeguard their water supply the whole year round. In addition, the plant can be expanded in the future to reduce the overall water footprint even further.


This entire project has been designed and built in a period of 8 months. This was only possible thanks to a great collaboration with the entire project team, qualitative skids and a well oiled site installation team. 


The ultrafiltration treats the raw bio-effluent with 28 IN-OUT membrane modules in combination with a skid mounted UV unit and a sizable backwash pump. 

Ultrafiltration skid with backwash pump

Reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis unit purifies the water to drinking water quality by means of two mirrored RO unit skids, each consisting of 6 pressure vessels each. 

Skid mounted reverse osmosis unit

Tanks and chemicals

Besides these skid mounted units, the plant was also equipped with a number of finely crafted chemical dosing units for all types of different chemicals. Each chemical dosing station with its own dedicated chemical delivery station in a safe zone on the outside of the building. Besides this, the water storage tanks were also delivered by Nuoro. 

UF filtrate storage tank
Brownfield water reuse installation
Chemical dosing stations

" An incredible water reuse plant, built in a very short period. "

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