Nuoro builds new industrial water reuse plant


A new water treatment system consisting of an ultrafiltration (UF) and a reverse osmosis (RO) system will be designed and built in 2023. 

In 2023, Nuoro will design and build this new water reuse plant on behalf of Azulatis, subsidiary of De Watergroep. This will upgrade the treated wastewater by membrane technology (ultrafiltration, UV and reverse osmosis) allowing the purified water to be recycled.

The water reuse plant will have a capacity to produce up to 50m³ per hour. As a result, the food company will drastically reduce its water use. A sustainable and economical choice that will safeguard their water supply the whole year round. In addition, the plant can be expanded in the future to further reduce the overall water footprint even further.

The plant will be operational by the summer of 2023, when it will be handed over to Azulatis. 

About Azulatis


From 4/1/2023, Azulatis NV will take over all activities of the former business unit Industry of De Watergroep: from the supply of all qualities of water to the construction and operation of process water plants. The objective: to optimise and make the water flows at large water consumers more sustainable, thus ensuring significant savings in the pumping, processing and discharge of water. In this way, Azulatis also contributes to the development of a climate-robust water system in Flanders.


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