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75 years of expertise in the water and bio-energy sector.

Nuoro was founded by six partners who were eager to make an impact in the environmental sector. In a world where sustainability and circularity are becoming the new standard, our unique combination of skills and experience was perfectly suited for the transition towards a sustainable future. Combined, we have 75 years of expertise in the water and bio-energy sector. In order to guide our clients through all aspects of their environmental needs, our solid engineering background is complemented with legal and contractual expertise; a 360-degree approach.

It’s our ambition to realize future-proof solutions for our partners. We make this possible through a combination of in depth knowledge, hands-on experience and the drive to get things done in a systematic and future-oriented way.

Our team has cultivated its expertise by working with numerous industrial and municipal clients in water reclamation, process water, wastewater and biogas projects. We differentiate ourselves from the rest of the field with our hands-on experience in countless international projects. Furthermore, we have a strongly developed network that we can rely on to find the best solution.


The environmental challenges of today are not only complicated but also susceptible to a complex and dynamic regulatory framework. Our expertise is fundamental in assuring that our customers can comply with current and future regulations. Our approach is to anticipate any future evolutions.

In everything we do, we focus on providing the highest quality solutions and applying innovative best practices while being completely committed to our clients and their impact on the environment.

Jan Bos Van Hemelrijck

Wastewater Expert

Even before I could walk, my parents took me out sailing. From a very young age, I was surrounded by the sea and the elements, which is were I developed a great passion for water, our environment and the living world. Bio-engineering & environmental technologies are my habitat. My curiosity and adventurous spirit have le me around the world. I had the opportunity to live and work in Latin-America on and off for about 10 years. I gained experience through dozens of fascinating projects, from small rural municipal wastewater treatment systems in Paraguay to state-of-the-art industrial wastewater & biogas projects in France, Australia and Colombia. From conceptual design over basic and detailed engineering to commissioning and start-up: as a process engineer, I love to see my design come to life. Working on various digitalization and advanced automation projects, I also acquired the skills to solve environmental challenges with the tools of industry 4.0.

Domien Borghs

Water Expert

My entire life I have been drawn to technology and to the outdoors. Combining these two interests I decided to study Industrial Biochemical Engineering and it didn’t take long before I started my career working as an R&D engineer in the water sector. With an entire R&D facility at my disposal, I became familiar with a multitude of water and wastewater technologies. Building on this foundation, I worked for five years as a process, commissioning and start-up engineer. In this function I was able to design complex treatment systems and traveled internationally to start these plants and ensure their smooth operations. It is on these missions that I have developed a unique skillset in commissioning, automating and optimizing complex treatment plants. My latest area of focus has been on water recovery projects; helping clients to reduce and optimize their water footprint. By doing this I have become an expert in membrane technologies and advanced reverse osmosis systems. As the co-founder of Nuoro, I am looking forward to assisting all of our new clients with their water and environmental needs.

Jeroen Van Beek

Legal Expert

Previously I was a legal counsel of an international water treatment company. I have more than 15 years of experience in the design, build and technology industry worldwide. I’m exceptionally familiar with various international standard forms of contracts and I am proficient in contract drafting, negotiation and management. I have a strong passion for sustainability and ethical business practices. Nuoro gives me the opportunity to use my knowledge and expertise to make a positive impact that matters for the environment and society.

Kris Gorissen

Water Expert

From childhood, I was intrigued by clean, flowing water. This developed a broad scientific interest and a well-considered choice to study Bio-Engineering & Environmental Sciences. All this with one personal goal: How can we make the world a better, more sustainable place?


After a professional career with almost 20 years of experience in various process, technology & sales roles in the environmental and water treatment sector, I can be considered as a true water expert. My expertise ranges from biological wastewater treatment over process & potable water filtration to water reuse. All this topped with a sauce of biogas, nutrient recovery and heat valorisation. 


Together with five experienced water allies and with a backpack full of motivation, I have founded the new company Nuoro from 2022. Working on multidisciplinary projects in a technology-driven way for the past two decades, I evolved into a strong conceptual thinker with a real instinct for the right process-technical solution in relation to each specific business case. Together with my partners at Nuoro, I am fully ready to take on any water challenge. After all, Nuoro – despite being the new kid on the block – offers a fresh approach based on tons of water experience!

Thomas Aertsen

Water Expert

I began my career in the water and environmental sector years ago, almost by accident and never left. Being able to work every day with the most precious resource on Earth – ‘water’ – never gets boring. Over time I have developed a unique skillset that combines in-depth expertise in various water treatment technologies with thorough knowledge of mechanical implementation and worldwide project realization. Transforming a rough idea into a full-blown installation, by implementing best practices and striving for the highest quality, is what I do best. I am one of the proud co-founders of Nuoro, a company that acts as a catalyst to help reduce the environmental footprint of our clients.

Koen Vliegen

Energy Expert

Project management is my area of expertise. Having spent over 15 years managing a wide range of projects in an international environment: cogeneration, waste to energy, bio-energy, (waste) water treatment, etc. For the last five years, I have been able to dedicate myself to my team of project managers while I was operating as the acting VP Projects in a large environmental technologies organization. Since the start of 2022, I am the proud co-founder of Nuoro along with a strong team of five motivated partners.

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