State-of-the-art water pilot project for VITO completed.


Nuoro completed the realisation of 5 containerized water treatment pilots for VITO. After 10 months of engineering, design, construction and testing, the systems were delivered to the client. The result is a unique fleet of flexible and modular water treatment systems with cutting-edge membrane technologies. It will allow VITO to perform in-depth research on circular water use in Flanders.

Reverse osmosis

The RO unit can be operated in various configurations, including the closed loop CCRO set-up.

Reverse osmosis pilot

Direct nanofiltration

The DNF unit can be operated with direct nanofiltration or cross-flow ultrafiltration membranes.

Direct nanofiltration pilot


The UF pilot has an outside-in and inside-out membrane module, for maximum flexibility and research possibilities.

Ultrafiltration pilot

Multimedia filtration

The MMF unit can be deployed as pre-treatment unit before membrane filtration.

Multimedia filtration pilot

Activated carbon filtration

Active carbon filtration can be used as pre-treatment or polishing step. The carbon adsorps organic contaminants, including micro-pollutants, pesticides and PFAS.

UV disinfection

A mobile UV unit can be installed in each of the 5 containerized units, to disinfect the produced filtrate or permeate before further treatment of final use.

" Our team is impressed by the fine execution of this project! "

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About VITO


VITO is an independent Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. The Flemish Government has chosen VITO as scientific partner for the Blue Deal, an ambitious program to proactively reduce the chance of water scarcity in Flanders. With specialized R&D activities in innovative water technologies and the WaterClimateHub in Ostend, VITO plays a key role in the Flemish water transition. To expand their research capabilities and test innovative technologies for water reuse in the field, VITO has now decided to invest in a fleet of high-tech pilot plants.


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Vito project completed
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